External RFID security hard drive RS256

RS256 externe Festplatte 500GB HDD verschlüsselt mit Hardware Verschlüsselung, RFID Token, sicheres Speichermedium, robuste Aluminium Gehäuse, silber

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  • DG-RS256-500
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External RFID security hard drive RS256 Secure solution for companies "Die Digittrade... more

External RFID security hard drive RS256

Secure solution for companies

"Die Digittrade RS256 machte in unserem Test einen sehr guten Eindruck. Sie ist sehr gut verarbeitet, passt mit ihrem Aluminium-Gehäuse perfekt zu einem Apple Computer. Wem seine Daten besonders wichtig sind, der ist mit dieser Festplatte sehr gut beraten. Wer seine sensiblen Daten sicher und unkompliziert auf einer portablen Festplatte speichern möchte oder muss, der ist hier genau richtig. Gerade auch, weil der Markt an Sicherheitsfestplatten sehr dünn besiedelt ist. Für Firmen oder öffentliche Einrichtungen können wir diese Festplatte ganz klar empfehlen."

(Testbericht November 2013 www.externe-festplatte.de)

Translation: "The DIGITTRDAE RS256 made a very good impression in our test. It is very well crafted, with its aluminium case perfectly fits an Apple computer. If your data is particularly important, you are very well advised with this hard drive. If you want or need to store your sensitive data safely and easily on a portable hard drive, you've come to the right place. Especially because the market of safety hard drives is very sparsely populated. For companies or public institutions, we can clearly recommend this hard drive."


Übersicht aller Testberichte

The combination of hardware-based encryption module and RFID access control, this security hard drive works independently of the operating system and can be used flexibly.

The built-in SATA hard drive in 2.5 "format makes the mobile data safe small and handy. These are offered in an HDD or SSD version. While a standard HDD hard drive has many small mechanical parts such as a read head, write head, magnetic drive, and more, an SSD consists of flash memory devices. They are lighter, faster, shockproof and consume significantly less energy.

The Digittrade RS256 hard drive ensures the secure protection and confidentiality of data through the following security mechanisms:

  • encryption
  • access control

Security mechanisms and special features:


The encryption module integrated in the security housing performs a complete encryption of the hard drive.


Each stored byte and sector on the drive is encrypted to 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in XTS mode.

It also encrypts all temporary files and areas that are often overlooked by encryption software.         


Access control

User authentication takes place by means of RFID access control to AES standard 256-bit.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. With the help of this technology, the encryption commands are transferred to the hard drive. To access the encrypted hard drive and thus all data, you need one of the two RFID keys included in the scope of delivery.

To lock or unlock the DIGITTRADE RS256 security hard drive, it is sufficient to hold the transponder (RFID key) over the RFID reader integrated in the hard drive. The activated status is indicated by LEDs.


Robust aluminum housing and silicone anti-shock protection

The external hard drive RS256 has an elegant and robust aluminum housing, which protects it well against mechanical influences and electromagnetic waves.

The specially developed silicone protectors improve the resistance of the data carrier to vibrations and shocks.


Built-in hard drive

The built-in SATA hard drive in 2.5 "format makes the mobile data safe small and handy. The data transfer and the power supply via USB as well as the hardware encryption allow the use of the storage medium independently of the operating system.

Only 2.5 inch quality hard drives from Samsung or Western Digital are used.


Supported Operating Systems

The hard drives with hardware encryption are independent of operating systems and bootable. This allows not only to store data but also operating systems and programs on these hard drives.

Certification: FIPS 197
Encryption: AES - 256, AES 256 Bit im XTS Modus
Interface: USB 3.0
Authentication: RFID - Token
Color: Silber, Alu-Gehäuse

Technical details

Bus-type: SATA 3Gb/s
Capacity: 500 GB
Rotation: 5400 RPM
Transfer rate: 480 MBit/s (USB 2.0) / 4 Gbit/s (USB 3.0)
Access time: 12 ms
Buffer: 8192 KB
Acoustic noise: 23 dBA
MTBF: 600000 hours
Compatibility: Windows, Linux, MAC OS X
Power supply: via USB-Port

Security features

Data encryption to AES standard 256-bit in XTS mode

RFID access control

Integrated silicone anti-shock protectors

Protection against mechanical influences and electromagnetic waves due to robust aluminum housing

Encrypted storage of the crypto key on the hard drive

No access to the DIGITTRADE security drive and your data without one of the two associated RFID keys

Automatic locking of the DIGITTRADE Security hard drive as soon as it is disconnected from the PC

All data is automatically encrypted in real-time by the hardware encryption module and stored without any loss of time


No restrictions on reading and writing speed

Independent from the operating system

Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac


USB 2.0 / 3.0

3-year manufacturer's warranty


Dimensions and weight

Product dimensions: 134mm (L) x 88mm (W) x 15mm (H)
Weight: 200g incl. hard drive

Packaging dimensions:

171mm (L) x 115mm (W) x 71mm (H)

Packaging weight:



DIGITTRADE RS256 500GB Security Hard Drive, 2 RFID Keys, USB Cable (USB 3.0 / 2.0), USB Power Cable, Hardcase and Manual (German. & Engl.)