Digittrade GmbH has been developing and producing external encrypted storage devices and USB sticks with high security features in Germany since 2005. All these storage media bear the TeleTrusT trust mark "IT Security made in Germany". Through innovative research and development, the company realises the constantly growing requirements of its customers and in this way regularly defines the latest state of the art for external encrypted data storage devices.  

Back in 2013, the HS256S external storage device was awarded the ULD Privacy Seal and the European Privacy Seal in accordance with the requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). In 2017, the successor model HS256 S3 was the first storage device worldwide to receive the Common Criteria (EAL2) certificate from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

The Kobra VS data storage devices fulfil the latest security standards. These are the external encrypted Kobra Drive VS storage devices and SSDs as well as the Kobra Stick VS USB-C memory sticks. In 2020, the Kobra VS data storage devices received BSI approval for the storage, retention and secure transport of sensitive and confidential data up to the classification level VS-NfD (classified information - FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY), REST-REINT UE/EU RESTRICTED and NATO RESTRICTED for authorities and companies. The BSI extended this approval in 2023.  

An important unique selling point of the KOBRA VS data storage devices is the patented 2-factor authentication using a smartcard and PIN entry via the keypad of the data storage device. In addition to Digittrade smartcards, PKI-based factory, service and troop ID cards can also be used for authentication. With regard to confidentiality, all data stored on the KOBRA VS data storage devices is protected against unauthorised access if the data storage device is lost or stolen.

KOBRA VS data storage devices are very easy to use and can be managed without software and used on different operating systems and installations. Digittrade also provides the Kobra VS Client VS software for administrators. This software enables the recording and assignment of all VS data storage devices and smartcards within the organisation. It can also be used to quickly configure and set up extended functionalities of the KOBRA VS data storage devices.

Authorities and companies use Digittrade's highly secure data storage devices in various application scenarios. These include the secure transport of sensitive and VS-NfD classified data, the creation of data protection-compliant backups, use as a data diode, airgap bridging, cloud and VPN access and single sign-on. These data storage devices can also be used for the secure booting of operating systems as well as for remote access and mobile workstation solutions.  

With the help of encrypted KOBRA VS data storage devices, processes in the context of the classified information directive (VSA) and the classified information manual (GHB) can be made more secure, efficient and cost-effective.

The communication app Chiffry is the latest development of the company with the quality mark "IT Security made in Germany", which enables every smartphone user to communicate securely and extensively. With Chiffry, users can make tap-proof phone calls and send their pictures, videos, contacts as well as voice and text messages confidentially.

The business version of this messenger is especially adapted to the needs of authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS) and includes the installation of the server in the IT infrastructure of the client. In addition, there is the option of integration into hardened operating systems, container solutions and VPN infrastructures.


 DIGITTRADE GmbH is a member of the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media e.V. (BITKOM), the German Federal Association for IT Security e.V. (TeleTrusT) as well as the German Federal Association of IT Experts and Assessors e.V. (BISG).


External encrypted data carriers 

DIGITTRADE High Security Hard Disk HS256 S3 - external encrypted hard disk with BSI certification. It encrypts all data and sectors using the 256-bit AES algorithm in XTS mode and the application of two 256-bit encryption keys. The data is accessed by means of a smart card and PIN. The user can create, change, copy and destroy the cryptographic keys himself.

DIGITTRADE High Security Hard Drive HS256S - external encrypted hard drive with ULD certification. It encrypts all data and sectors using the 256-bit AES algorithm in CBC mode and the application of a 256-bit encryption key. The data is accessed using a smart card and PIN. The user can create, change, copy and destroy the cryptographic key himself. 

DIGITTRADE High Security Hard Drives HS128/HS256 - also feature 2-factor authentication by means of a smart card and PIN, according to the "OWN & KNOW" principle. Supplemented by the hardware-based and NIST FIPS-140-2 certified full-disk data encryption according to 128-/256-bit AES standard, these hard drives offer high security for mobile data.

DIGITTRADE RFID Security Hard Drive RS256 - uses 256-bit AES hardware encryption in XTS mode, RFID access control, silicone anti-shock protectors, USB 3.0 and are also lucrative for customers with high security requirements.


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