KOBRA VS storage device with VS-NfD approval

Encrypted external storage devices with BSI approval for government classified information up to VS-NfD (NATO Restricted and EU Restricted)

KOBRA VS storage devices are the external encrypted USB-C hard drive Kobra Drive VS and an encrypted USB-C memory stick Kobra Stick VS. These devices provide the same security features and differ only in their design and the possible storage capacities. Therefore, they are often referred to as Kobra VS storage devices in descriptions.

For the Kobra Drive VS and Kobra Stick VS, version 1.0, the approval BSI-VSA-10338 was granted on 28.04.2020. This approval enables the processing and transmission of information classified as VS-NfD (for official use only). In addition, these media are approved for the protection of EU information up to the classification level RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED for national use for the protection of NATO information up to the classification level NATO RESTRICTED.

These data carriers were developed in compliance with the "Technical Guidelines" of the BSI and have the trust mark "IT Security made in Germany". They correspond to the current state of the art and, due to their security functions, are currently one of the most secure options for mobile data storage.

The data stored on the VS storage device is protected from unauthorised access with regard to the confidentiality of the information, for example if the data carrier is lost or stolen, as well as in the event of logical or physical attacks. A sturdy, elegant metal housing protects the VS storage device from light shocks and splash water.

The confidentiality of the data is guaranteed by the following security mechanisms:

    • Encryption:
      256-bit AES full-disk hardware encryption in XTS mode using two 256-bit crypto keys

    • Access control:
      Two-factor authentication via smartcard and PIN according to the principle"having and knowing"

    • Crypto Key Management:
      Administration of the cryptographic keys by the Users: Create, Modify and Destroy

    • User administration:
      Using the Kobra Client VS software, the administrator can add, manage or delete one or more users simultaneously.

You can view the user manual under the following link.

Alternatively, for more information, you can also send an email to vs@digittrade.de.. In this case, we recommend the use of the encryption methods S/MIME or PGP/MIME. You can retrieve our keys or certificates for this below:

S/MIME Fingerprint: D4CF60C7B62566DF0957F4F3223C132A6C5C7E64

PGP/MIME Fingerprint: 7CE68B601E7909DDF344F9BFE2826322997FD207

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KOBRA VS storage device with VS-NfD approval

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