A first insight in the CeBIT novelties at the Press Preview 2015 – Digittrade

The new defined High Security HDD HS256 S3 was presented the first time on CeBIT Press Preview from DIGITTRADE. Furthermore journalists from 20 countries got first insights in the new premium functions of the secured communication app Chiffry.


Teutschenthal, 24 February 2015 – The High Security hard drive HS256 S3 is the CeBIT novelty from DIGITTRADE. Three years ago, the company developed the hard drive HS256S which has secure AES encryption and two-factor authentication using smart card and PIN and the only hard drive in Europe for the storage of personal data from authorities and public institutions with approved ULD certification.

With the new hard drive HS256 S3 the company sets high standards in security and performance for mobile encrypted security media. In contrast to its previous model the hard drive got a metal casing, stronger encryption according to 256-Bit AES in XTS mode with two encryption keys as well as USB 3.0 connection with higher data transfer rate up to 200 megabyte per second.

DIGITTRADE would like to provide assistance for the better self-data protection with the new communication app Chiffry like it was ordered from the federal education minister Johanna Wanka. Chiffry users are able to make secure phone calls and send confidentially pictures, videos, contacts as well as voice and text messages. The Chiffry communication servers are located in the datacenter of enviaTEL GmbH which is certificated after IT security standard ISO 27001 in Germany and are only maintained by the Chiffry team.

By CeBIT 2015 Chiffry is already available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android users. Furthermore the premium functions will be presented like group chat with up to 50 participants, a lock screen for protection of the application on the smartphone, sending of all data types and self-destructive messages as well as broadcast lists.

The company additionally focuses on developing the Chiffry business version. It is developed depending on individual inquiries from authorities and companies and is customized for each of them. The servers are normally installed and maintained in customer specific data centers.


The press folder from DIGITTRADE with the newest information and pictures is available for free in the following link:



The additional presentation can be watched on YouTube in the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i-FAuBfkPM

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