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Pressemitteilung 2014

Teutschenthal, Since March 2014, all Android Smartphone users in Germany are able to download and install the secure messenger Chiffry, an encrypted communication application, at the Google Play Store. The messenger is now also available for BlackBerry users, as well as Smartphone users throughout all European countries.

According to BlackBerry, their mobile solutions are still one of the most important used by enterprises and authorities. For that reason the developers of Chiffry ensure that the secure messenger application will be available for BlackBerry as soon as possible.

This application allows BlackBerry and Android users to communicate quickly and safely between there operating systems. Unlike most messenger programs which only allow uncoded communication, Chiffry offers cryptographically secured mailing of personal pictures, video, contacts, locations, language and text messages as well as encoded telephone calls.

Now all European countries are able to benefit from the end-to-end encoded communication app. Whether personal pictures or sensitive data – your information is transmitted secure to your desired receiver throughout Europe for free. Additionally, all encoded data is deleted from the server after it has been delivered.

More and more Smartphone users trust Chiffry since it was awarded with the quality seal “IT-Security made in Germany”. The developers of Chiffry insure a trustful IT security solution without any hidden accesses. Additionally, Chiffry guarantees to adhere to all requirements of the German data protection right, one of the strictest data protection laws in the world.

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